Toro Drama - Thespian Troupe 3821

The 5th Annual Torony Awards

Saturday, May 8, 2021
6:00 - 10:00pm

MVHS Auditorium

This event is limited to the first 300 people only!

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Announcing the 2021 Torony Award Nominees

Leading Actor
     Zach Macdonald - Baker (Purple)
     Gordon Badgett - Jack (Red)

Leading Actress
     Annalise Decker - Little Red (Red)
     Noelle Parent - Witch (Red)

     Grace Mason - Cinderella (Blue)

Supporting Actor

     Nathan Moody - Wolf/Prince (Blue)

     Mason Robles - Wolf/Prince (Red)

Supporting Actress

     Emma Alston - Baker's Wife (Blue)

     Grace Soelberg - Baker's Wife (Red)

Featured Actor

     Mitchell Henriksen - Rapunzel's Prince (Red)

     Laetner Fischbeck - Rapunzel's Prince (Blue)

     Eli Cox - Cinderella's Father/Steward (Blue)

Featured Actress

     Adele Schreiber - Rapunzel (Blue)

                                                                              Alyvia Ferrel - Cinderella's Stepmother (Blue)

                                                                              Grace Davis - Cinderella's Stepmother (Red)

                                                                              Lucy Badger - Rapunzel (Red)

                                                                        OTHER CATEGORIES:

                                                                              Rising Star

                                                                              Cast Favorites

                                                                              Outstanding Growth

                                                                              Eugene O'Neill Honor for Excellence in Theatre

                                                                              George M. Cohan Honor for Outstanding Service to the Theatre

                 Olivia Dermot Walsh Technical Theatre Award

                                                                             Outstanding Technician